Our Expertise:

The Automotive industry is undergoing a radical change and is shifting from hardware to software as one of the most important components. When buying a new vehicle, customers are expecting to see digital instrument clusters, intelligent radios and a plethora of other systems rarily seen even on top-of-the-range vehicles 20 years ago. As such, the software is now being of paramount importance to Automotive Industry.

Our expertise in Automotive Software is in:

  • ISO26262 standard compliance
  • MISRA-C software development
  • Safety-critical software analysis

Here’s the sample of Automotive projects we’ve been working in the past

  • Body and Security Controller for Electric Vehicle
  • Instrument Cluster for Agricultural vehicle (tractor)
  • Power Steering for Passenger vehicle
  • A variety of ABS and EPB projects for German Tier1 company and its clients
  • Several automotive radios for a variety of Tier1 customers

Most of these projects are still in production and used across Automotive sector