Company Story

Inmarsys Limited might be seen as a relative newcomer to the world of Medical device development, however, it was established by engineer with proven track record and extensive knowledge of more than 25 years in Safety-Critical software development industries, such as Medical, Aerospace and Automotive. As a course of our founder’s career, he took leadership of several high-profile projects in these heavily-regulated industries.

Using this extensive knowledge, Inmarsys can apply it to new and existing Medical and Automotive development programs and drive the software in these programs to a successful certification.

Cool Timeline


Another year – another success! We’ve created a new variant of a very successful IVD device for our customer and then embarked onto another challenge: preparation of a new IVD system for UKCA and FDA certification


Successful design completion and CE Mark certification of a ground-breaking In-Vitro Diagnostics device. Inmarsys assisted our client in IEC62304 compliance, Embedded Software (Firmware) design and development and overall project support. Currently assisting the same customer with design and development of a second generation of their IVD system.


The company was involved in three more Medical projects related to In-Vitro Diagnostics (one is still in progress in 2022). Also, we’ve took onboard our first interntaional clients; as such Inmarsys Limited expanded to international markets for the first time.


This year saw introduction of several Medical projects with the most prominent being Point of Care In-Vitro diagnostic device by a British company. Our story continues from then on and we hope that we can help our future customers in achieving their goals while helping prospective patients to receive timely Medical diagnostics and treatment.


After being involved in several Medical project (and one Automotive), our founder decided to create its own consultancy business. As a result, Inmarsys Limited was formed. The company’s name is a fusion of two languages: English and Belarusian (Mara means “Dream” in the former), thus the name can be roughly translated as “International Systems of [your] Dreams”.


In 2014 the first Medical project arrived. It was the system designed for rapid in-vitro diagnostics for US company. The Point of Care device is still on the market today.


Following on from this successful introduction to the Automotive Industry, new projects were started, such as: – Power Steering – Tractor Instrument Cluster – Body and Security modules for the world-famous Electric Vehicle manufacturer


After the Aerospace the Automotive Industry came. There were several projects with Tier1 Automotive manufacturers all across the globe. The projects were Instrument Clusters, Braking Systems and several Automotive Radios.


The journey begins with the founder of Inmarsys Limited graduating from one of the top universities in Belarus (RadioEngineering Institute, now BSUIR). Following on from this he moved abroad to pursue a career in Safety-Critical Software Engineering. His first project was in Aerospace industry to develop the Enhanced Vision System for aircrafts such as Gulfstream. The project was a success; the EVS is now industry standard and is considered to be a must have for all modern aircrafts.