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Body and Security controllers

Tesla Motors and Pektron
The project was developed for the company Pektron , who were at the time subcontractors for
development of the Tesla Model S Body and Security Controllers. The following goals were achieved:
– Design and development of Embedded Software based on Tesla requirements
– Project planning
– ISO26262-compliant documentation creation
– System integration at Tesla R&D facility
The Tesla Model S is now in full production and it is one of the most successful and innovative electric
vehicles on the market
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Landini Instrument Cluster

Argo Tractors and Pektron
Another project that was developed for the company Pektron ; who won a contract for a redesign of the
Landini Instrument Cluster destined for the entire family of Landini tractors. The project was completed
ahead of schedule and involved the following tasks:
– Requirements gathering and refinement
– Adaptation of the existing system architecture for the new requirements
– Implementation of the new software features required for the project
– Integration with the test rig and test tractor vehicle
ISO26262-compliant documentation creation
Argo Tractors were completely satisfied with the way the project went and wrote a formal letter
commending the development team on the successful completion of the project on time and budget.
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SAAB Power Steering

SAAB and Pektron
In the year 2010 Pektron received an order from SAAB Ab for development of a new advanced Power
Steering system. The following goals were set and achieved:
– Creation of low-level drivers for the SAAB Power Steering system
– Investigation and optimisation of PID control loop for various environmental conditions
The project was completed on time and budget. Sadly, shortly after the project was completed, SAAB
went out of business and therefore the new system never went into production.
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ZF Friedrichshafen AG
Whilst working with Texas Instruments, our engineers were requested to provide support for an
Automotive software development project designed and developed by the German branch of TRW
Automotive Holdings Corp. (later acquired by ZF Friedrichshafen AG). The activity included the following
– EBC430
– EBC440
– EBC450, including VW416
All tasks were completed to customer satisfaction and the systems found its way into a variety of cars
sold worldwide.
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Ford X-CarLine radio

At the beginning of the 21st Century our engineer was asked to provide an active support for a variety of
programs ran by Visteon Corporation. The software development support was provided for in the
following programs:
– SpeedStart12 (an innovative stop-start system)
– Instrument Clusters (VW PQ35 and PQ46)
– ICE (In-car Entertainment) systems: BMW Champ (BMW), XCarLine (Ford), FIAT and Smart
The projects were successfully completed and millions of car owners worldwide are enjoying the results
of our hard work.
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